Hi! My name is Anna Wywijana Zalewska. I’m a Warsaw raised anthropologist and an artist illustrator. I love Latin American culture and I am writing PhD about Santa Muerte cult in Mexico. In my spare time I try to take over the world.

anna zalewska

I’ve graduated culture studies at the Institute of Polish Culture (IKP), University of Warsaw (on bachelor and master’s degree).

Now I’m doing there my PhD about the Santa Muerte Cult in Mexico cooperating with Center of Latin American Studies (CESLA). In 2016 an 2018 I was doing an ethnographic research, based on anthropology of experience and casual interviews, in Mexico City.

As a scholar I’ve publicised in science journals as “Kultura i Historia”, “Konteksty Kultury”, “Media i Społeczeństwo”” or “Literaturoznawstwo”. In 2018 was published my first book What gender is a female worker? about the socialist realism and the representations of female and male workers.

I’ve also collaborated with “Lados Mag”“Na obcasach”Polskie RadioKino Lab CSW and was an editor at proces.io app.

If you wanna contact me, use this: