Shengsito es un arquipelago de 400 islas en China, cerca del rio Yangcy.En las fotos, tomados por Jane Qing, podemos ver abandonado pueblo de pescadores, cual la naturalesa esta empezando a tener en su poder. Estos imagenes idilicos son un elemento de comun topos cultural,

Venus of BrassempouyPaleolithic Venus was found by archaeologists working at the Amiens-Renancourt. The amazing discovery is dated to the Early Upper Palaeolithic, from the Gravettian  period (a phase of the Aurignacian culture), so it's about 23,000 years old.This

Japanese scientists discovered 143 new geoglyphs in the Nazca desert in Peru. Huge drawings show not only forms previously known from the region, such as monkeys, snakes, animals and plants, but also new ones. Among them, the ones depicting