Chomsky and Mujica - a documentary for radical change of global direction

Chomsky and Mujica – a documentary for radical change of global direction

Chomsky and Mujica - a documentary for radical change of global direction

Documentary “Chomsky & Mujica” is in the post-production process in search of collective financing. The movie was filmed by the Mexican director Saúl Alvídrez during a weekend in Montevideo. What is it about?

Unlike other times, today we have the impression that the world is spinning faster. When we stop to think about what happens in Chile, a conflict is immediately unleashed in Bolivia. This is just a Latin American example of how informed we are and how that news is stacked making it difficult to reflect on what is happening. For those are the intellectuals, the wise, the people who are dedicated to think critically. Two of the most important today are, without a doubt, Noam Chomsky and Pepe Mujica.

The most important intellectual, the most beloved politician

This is what the Mexican filmmaker Saúl Alvídrez thought, which met with a particularity: both personalities had never talked. Therefore, he decided to gather them during a weekend to make a documentary. The idea was simple: to discuss the current disturbing world situation. This happened and the filming came to an end.

The documentary is titled Chomsky & Mujica but it is not yet finished; Post production is missing. In Kickstarter, a micro-patronage web platform for creative projects, there is the preview of the documentary Chomsky & Mujica, a three-and-a-half minute video that shows the tone, aesthetics and the film’s thread.

chomsky and mujica
Chomsky and Mujica

There the filmmakers seek to finance the final stretch of the project: they need to raise $ 19,200. But they clarify that if it reaches $ 30,000, “we will be able to post-produce and share by May 2020 many more important issues that they addressed together”; and if they achieve 38 thousand dollars, the costs for the distribution of the documentary in festivals will be completed.

Noam Chomsky is, according to The New York Times, “the most important intellectual alive today.” Known for his novel contributions in Linguistics, he is an American philosopher and one of the most iconic political activists of our time.

For his part, José “Pepe” Mujica was part of the Tupamaros movement in Uruguay that he joined in the sixties during the Uruguayan dictatorship, spent almost 15 years in prison and became President of Uruguay between 2010 and 2015. Chomsky & Mujica, say their filmmakers, “is the most important intellectual film of our time and the most beloved politician in the world, Noam Chomsky and Pepe Mujica; an unprecedented encounter full of wisdom ”

The first documentary

The director appears on the platform as follows: “My name is Saúl Alvídrez, I am 31 years old and I am Mexican. In 2012, when I was 24 years old and I studied Law and Economics at Tecnológico de Monterrey (ITESM CSF) in Mexico City, I was the first member of the # yoSoy132 student movement; but my political activism was dirty neutralized by the Center for Intelligence and National Security (CISEN) and the most powerful media corporations in my country. ”

And he continues: “That persecution and fabricated media scandals changed my life drastically, and for that reason I self-exiled along with my dog ​​in South American countries such as Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Uruguay and Ecuador. There I was lucky to study a lot for several years, and thanks especially to Noam and Pepe I discovered my mission in life, which is to amplify the public conversation and focus it on global problems. ”

A project worked in four different countries for five years. The count gives you this way: more than 20 flights, 600 emails and about a 1000 hours of work. “We are already very close to finishing the best film I could have imagined.”

For younger generations

The meeting took place in Montevideo. Both the American linguist and philosopher and the former President of Uruguay attended with their wives, Valeria and Lucia, and spent the entire weekend chatting while the cameras filmed them. Despite their ages – Chomsky is 90 years old, and Mujica, 84 – the documentary is intended for young people. “It is a beautiful and urgent message to humanity. Explore the love, life, freedom, power and the main challenges of the 21st century along with two extraordinary characters who had never crossed their paths before,” say the filmmakers.

“The younger generations have inherited the greatest danger and responsibility of all human history. Today, the ecological, economic, political and social collapse of our unsustainable civilization seems imminent.

Therefore, millennals and centennials must achieve a radical global change in the coming decades; but how? This project seeks to answer that question, simply because it is the most important question at the moment.

And to achieve this it was necessary to gather a lot of wisdom.. Undoubtedly, when the thinkers manage to conclude it and share it with the public, what will generate a lot of repercussion. The need for a radical change of global direction is evident in the different mobilizations that happen throughout the planet.

However, it is important to reflect on everything that is happening. Chomsky & Mujica seems to be the right documentary to do it.